• Piter Pantoja Lopez

    Born in Havana, Cuba. Piter is a Professional Dancer and Dance instructor of all Cuban dance styles. Piter is well known for his energy and unique street style that he brings to stage. He has danced for Cuba's biggest internationally recognized stage shows. In the past few years Piter has been teaching in Europe, Finland and dancing as part of the show "Jazz it Up"

    Career Highlights:
    - Dancer with Pinos Nuevos Company -2003
    - Dancer with Eduardo Veitia Company
    - Mundial Del Yoruba Festival – Havana, Cuba 2004

    - Toured with Folklore Dance Festival – Netherlands, France, Belgium and
    Germany – 2005v - Toured China - 2006
    - "Kings of Salsa" International Tour-2008
    - "Lady Salsa" International Tour - 2009

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